What We Do

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    Talk Shows / Entertainer

    Hope is a powerful force in achieving greatness and living a successful life. With great expectation, life is what living and happiness is rest assured. The fuel you need to realize your dream is found in anticipating something good to happen with confidence. This force will sustain you even in the most challenging moments.

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    Motivational Speaker

    Tessy is a seasoned speaker with revelatory and spiritual insights into everyday human experience. As the fifth child out of 10 children born to Mr. /Mrs. Leo and veronica, Tessy had a very challenging upbringing ranging from not been able to go to school on time, hawking fruits and vegetables to support her parents and having experienced other kids bullies as a result of her cheekbones resulting to low self-esteem. Breaking all these odd, Tessy was able to complete her first degree, masters and even a doctorate degree despite her days of small beginnings. She used the principles learned to overcome poverty, low self-esteem, and illiteracy to rise a higher calling. As she shares her life experiences, lives are being changed all over the world. Her constant tip is that nature never makes a mistake. Wherever you find yourself is a place of opportunity where you should begin and work your way up. She frequently travel round the world using this platform to touch millions of people as she reminds them that their destiny is in their hands.

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    Minister / Guest Speaker

    Life changing is a global ministry founded by Bishop; Dr. Emmanuel Maiyaki with the sole purpose of Changing Lives and Setting the Captives Free (John 8:32). As pastor of this ministry Dr. Tessy uses the Word of God in a practical format to provide individuals the chance to identify and explore their purpose in Christ. Beyond the pulpit, Dr. Tessy extends to the global mission field, joining forces with partners around the world to engage in medical missions and food relief.

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    Author / Writer

    As an author, Dr. Tessy has repeatedly developed renowned classics, such as: your destiny is in your hands, It’s not over unless you say so and identity. Tessy have been able to detail the steps and strategies to overcome several situations leading to her great success.

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    Dr. Tessy focus on maternal and child’s health and infectious diseases, as public health epidemiologist and a Lab. Scientist her experience highlights more than 7 years of working in research settings, with proven success in the management and investigation of product safety, drug safety, and the analysis of toxicity data. Planned, direct, and coordinate clinical research projects. Her work in the healthcare arena has substantial expertise in developing research designs, conducting quantitative and qualitative data collection, and analysis for a variety of projects focused on health and human services.

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    Coaching / Healing the Soul

    Dr. Tessy is willing to positively impact your soul which is the most important asset that governs every experiences of your life.
    When human feed their soul with toxins originating from bad relationships, toxic thoughts, bad choices, environmental toxin or personal experiences, these toxins affects their lives in a negative way by reducing their ability to maximize their creative ability. This will also continue to link those individual to more negative experiences.